Our Salt Therapy cave is designed to meet your individual and group needs. Our salt cave consists of untreated Himalayan sea salt, creating a negative ion microclimate that is restorative, relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, and virtually free of bacteria. A specially designed halo-generator disperses micronized particles of salt, rich in minerals and brimming with therapeutic properties, into the room during each session.  We offer a variety of packages as well as products and therapies.  

Salt Serenity offers many Himalayan Salt products. Salt votives, edible salt, Sole and a variety of salt lamps are available for purchase. Each salt lamp are one of a kind creations of nature, mined from the original prime body of the sea - The Primal Sea located deep below the earth's surface.  Himalayan Crystal Salt was created when the primal sea - the place where scientists believe all life originated, was evaporated by the sun's energy. 

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